Monday, 21 February 2011

it's cold up north ....

I do it all of the time and I should learn , I really should . I spent last winter trying to catch a big perch and set myself a target of a 2lb'er , ok I know by national standards thats not a big perch but what's the point of setting myself an unrealistic target ? Anyhow , I managed a 2lb'er in fact 2lb 12oz would you know . It was generally a 2 rod approach , legering with bite alarms . Lobworms and prawns were the successful baits and 1lb plus fish were caught on most trips . So why oh why did I think that doing something completely alien to me would be a better bet yesterday ?
I am sure that a lobworm fished under a carefully plumbed pole rig coupled with accurate baiting via a pot would be a far superior way of catching large perch , course it would . In the right hands ! So why I why did I attempt to such a thing yesterday ? My attempt at pole fishing was a disaster , I sat with pole in hand pretending to be a match angler but with none of the grace as I messed it all up .
One I caught doing it they way I know how

Needless to say , fishing outside my comfort zone I blanked . And to top it all off I had the Flying Fisherman for company all day , the sod sat by me (not fishing) and almost froze to death which was a small price to pay for taking the piss all day . Well it was a lesson learned and I will in future save the pole for dropping rigs in place on my favourite barbel swims and leave delicately shotted float rigs to those that know how to use them .

Have a look at the youtube videos , you will piss yourself .I guarantee you will watch it and think to yourself "what a cock!"


  1. Nice Scarfe Steve,...ooh and perch.. check out mine it must be our age. !!! BSC.

  2. I think you might be right there Andy , start feeling the cold at my age ....